Wisconsin Verbs

An active journey through the best state in the U.S.

Wisconsin Skis: Ski Lessons

Sometimes a gap exists between knowing to ski and knowing to ski well. Luckily in Madison, an army of MadNorSki volunteers are happy to help beginning and intermediate skiers work on technique. 

Standing Rocks Park in Portage County

Wisconsin Skis: Standing Rocks Park

I went to college in Stevens Point, yet had never skied Standing Rocks Park, just a few miles out of town. I was a bit scarred off by reports of how hilly it is, and frankly, there’s something intimidating about the name. So when my uncle suggested we take a trip to Standing Rocks to ski, I decided that today was the day. 

Wisconsin Skis: Back on the Trails in 2017

I haven’t written a blog post since April.

I’ve been busy. I married my best friend, changed my name, hiked through Zion National Park, rode bikes with friends and ran with my lab. My full time job has kept on my toes and I’ve filled my free time with developer meet-ups and volunteer work. 

But now it’s ski season and I’m signed up for another Birkie. 

Wisconsin Hikes: Dane County Indian Lake Park

On a crisp April morning, Lola the labrador and I headed out to Dane County’s Indian Lake Park. This park is a favorite of ours because of the large dog exercise area as well as the beautiful wooded trail section. 

As we neared the parking lot, Lola let out squeals of happiness that are reserved for her most favorite places like dog parks, lakes and the vet. I am training for a hiking trip out west, so I loaded up my backpack with about 30 pounds and we set off for the trails.

Wisconsin Skis: The 2016 Kortelopet 24K

Date: February 20, 2016
Distance: 24K /14.9 miles
Time: 2:23:56.7

Although I had signed up to ski the American Birkebeiner, or Birkie again, as the change cut off approached a month ago it became clear that this was going to be a Kortelopet, aka Korte, year. For a variety of reasons, I knew I wasn’t going to be prepared for a 51K ski race, so the 24k race sounded just right.