CAVOC Trails Rhinelander, WI

Wisconsin Skis: Rhinelander CAVOC Trails

Our life leaves less time for skiing with a toddler at home, so we were lucky to head to the Cedric A. Vig Outdoor Classroom (CAVOC) trails just outside of Rhinelander. The trails are open to the public most weekends unless there is a ski race, but the particular time that we visited we found the grooming to be impeccable and no one else skiing the trails. There were plenty of volunteers preparing for the big high school and middle school races that would be held the following weekend.

This trail is full of rolling hills, sometimes steep and many, many intersections. Also, it appears that you can ski in both directions so there’s a ton of variation for a small footprint, though I imagine it would be tricky if the trail was busy. 

When we were getting started, I suggested we say off the diamonds as our wax was questionable and it was the first ski of the year, but somehow we ended up on the Otter Slide anyway which was a fun, hilly challenge.

I highly recommend checking these trails out for a short ski and make sure to drop a donation in the box to help this group support all of their educational goals.