Classic Dad

Wisconsin Skis: Adventure Classic Skiing Before the Holiday

I was itching to get some skate skiing in, but the trail was not yet suitable for quality skating. I practiced on a little stretch, just to make sure my legs still worked. There were some bare spots on the trail, including some prominent rocks, so I was careful with my good skis.

This is why most serious skiers have a back up pair of skis, otherwise known as “Rock Skis” or “B Skis”. If you ski over a rock, it can really damage the surface of your ski, no matter how well you’ve waxed it.

All of the Skis!

My dad had some rock skis that were suitable for classic skiing, so after some cautious skating, we strapped on the old-school classic skis and made for an icy, adventurous loop at the Moccasin Lake Ski Trail. It was a good chance for me to practice some slow and controlled snow plowing (think Pizza vs. French Fry South Park Fans) down the icy slopes. There was even a stretch of the trail where there was running water moving down the hill. Bizarre.

Although it wasn’t the quality skating miles I wanted, it was a really nice time in the woods with dad.