Wisconsin Skis: Elver Park (quick before it melts)

I received an email while I was at work today confirming that Madison ski trails were open after we received a bit of snow. Looking out the window at the sunny, 35 degree day, I couldn’t resist so I took a half day of vacation to go for a ski. 

Luckily, MadNorSki volunteers partnered with the City of Madison again to create a man-made loop at Elver Park. The natural snow on top of this substantial base made for a really fun ski today. The groomed loop isn’t very big, but there’s a nice enough hill to remind me how out of shape I am.

Our baby was born in June and she is amazing. However, between work, parenting, nursing and trying to figure out when to sleep, I have not attended to my own physical fitness. So, today an hour on the small loop was the perfect start to my ski season. 

I enjoyed seeing other parents at Elver this afternoon teaching their kids to ski and thinking about how that will be us someday soon.

The small loop may be like a treadmill, but it’s a really beautiful treadmill and I’m grateful that our community can share this resource.