Cross country ski trail through the woods groomed for both classic and skate. The sun is setting in the distance.

Wisconsin Skis: Rhinelander Northwoods Ski Trails

Northern Wisconsin has plenty of snow this week, compared to snow-starved Madison, so I drove up for the weekend.

On my way up I made a trip to Mel’s Trading Post in Rhinelander to pick up some starter skis for my 4-year-old and a pair of entry-level waxless classic skis for myself so I can hang with her while she’s learning. I’ve only used my skate skis since college and I figure now is the time to become better at both techniques.

I arrived at the Northwoods Ski Trails around sunset, but I thought I could get a good three-mile ski in before it got too dark. However, I missed a turnoff or something because I ended up skiing 5 miles and was very happy to find my way back to the car. I ended up taking an extra trip around part of the trail aptly named “Rob’s Roundabout.”

I was expecting this trail to be flat due to the proximity to a golf course, but it was hilly and fun. The groomers had done a nice job with the seven inches of snow that fell earlier in the week. The trail was a little soft in some places but I the gilde felt great.

I’d definitely check the Northwoods Ski Trails out again when I’m in the Rhinelander area.

A little extra time on the trail on the way out