Wisconsin Skis: Ski Lessons

Sometimes a gap exists between knowing to ski and knowing to ski well. Luckily in Madison, an army of MadNorSki volunteers are happy to help beginning and intermediate skiers work on technique. 

I’ve been fortunate to take lessons for the past few seasons and have learned so much from each instructor. Though each instructor has agreed on the basics, strong athletic stance, V1, V2, V2 Alternate, each instructor offers different tips to help perfect your technique. 

“Hips forward”
“Head up”
“A flat ski is a fast ski”
“Pick up your feet less”
“Every inch of glide is an inch you didn’t have to work for”

These are just a few of the things that MadNorSki volunteer instructors have reminded me about and are all things that run through my head when my form starts getting sloppy on long training skis.

Lessons are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at Elver Park on Madison’s West side while there’s snow and are Free! MadNorSki club members get the first chance to sign up, and the 40 slots often fill up. Madison City Parks offer rentals for classic skis, boots and poles. 

Before the lesson, eager ski students are divided into four groups:

  • Classic / Striding Beginner
  • Classic / Striding Intermediate
  • Skate Beginner
  • Skate Intermediate

Elver Park is a great place to learn to ski because there are hills of varying steepness as well as flat areas. Thanks to the donations and the volunteers of MadNorSki members, we’ve even been able to ski on man-made snow some of the days that we haven’t had enough natural snow to ski on this year. The park is also well lit until 9 p.m.

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